Australia: Obesity & Exercise Levels

In Australia one in four children are now considered overweight or obese (Salvaire, 2017).

In Western Australia, the state average is 6.1% of children aged two to 17 being classed as obese, with 24.6% of adults being classed as obese.

In the area including Secret Harbour (where I live), Baldivis, Singleton, and Golden Bay 61% of people reported having done little or no exercise during the past week (the national average is 66.3%).

This analysis was conducted by researchers from the Australian Health Policy Collaboration using data from the latest National Health Survey, which includes other risk factors such as alcohol consumption, blood pressure, smoking and exercise.


Australian Health Policy Collaboration:

Australia’s Health Tracker (by Area), is an interactive website that provides the most up to date Australian data on chronic diseases, conditions and their risk factors:

Salvaire, D. (2017) Obesity in our Kids a WA High. Sound Telegraph. Wednesday, 17 May 2017, pp.1 & 3.


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