Can Bombs Help Create Life?

“SOME bombs can help create life.” (Karath, 2017, p.16).

“A series of miscalculated bombing raids aimed at an airport created more than a hundred ponds near the village of Apaj in central Hungary. The bombs fell on a type of habitat called sodic meadows, which give rise to a saline environment when covered in water. In all, 274 species, including turtles and water beetles, were found in the 54 bomb crater ponds sampled.” (Karath, 2017, p.16).


Karath, K. (2017) WW2 Bomb Craters Full of Rare Aquatic Life. New Scientist. 11 March 2017.

Vada, C.F., Péntekb, A.L., Cozmac, N.J., Földid, A., Tóthe, A., Tóthf, B., Bödeg, N.A., Mórae, A., Ptacnika, R., Ácsd, E., Zsugai, K. & Horvátha, Z. (2017) Wartime Scars or Reservoirs of Biodiversity? The Value of Bomb Crater Ponds in Aquatic Conservation. Biological Conservation. 209, pp.253-262.


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