Workplace Fitness: Climbing the Ladder

If you like your workplace ‘edgy’, the latest trend to hit the east coast of the US is for you.

Brooklyn Boulders (BKB) runs shared working spaces combined with gyms: desks are fitted with heave bars and fitness equipment, and there is even an entire rock climbing centre between the rows of workstations.

“I’ll be sitting there coding and get up from my chair, go over to a squat rack, and do 10 reps on the rack, then come back to my computer,” says one user of BKB’s Massachusetts location, in what to many will sound like a vision of corporate hell but which BKB describes as a ‘live-work scenario’.


People Management (2015) News and Analysis: Climbing the Ladder…literally. People Management: Magazine of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development. October 2015, pp.9.


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