Military Organisation: Energy, Norms & Tempo

“If there is anyone in a key position who appears to be expending less than the energy that could properly be demanded of him, or who has no natural sense for practical problems of organisation, then that man must be be ruthlessly removed.

A commander must accustom his staff to a high tempo from the outset and continually keep them up to it.

If he once allows himself to be satisfied with norms, or anything less than an all-out-effort, he gives up the race from the starting-post and will sooner or later be taught a bitter lesson by his faster-moving enemy and be forced to jettison all his fixed ideas.” (Rommel, 1953, p.92).

Field-Marshal Erwin Rommel (the Desert Fox), World War I junior officer and World War II General, considered a brilliant military commander; adored by his troops and feared by his enemies.


Rommel, E., Liddel Hart, B.H. (ed) & Findlay, P. (trans) (1953) The Rommel Papers. St James’s Palace, London: Collins.


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