Eight Ways to Promote Generative Learning.

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Eight Ways to Promote Generative Learning.


Generative learning involves actively making sense of to-be-learned information by mentally reorganizing and integrating it with one’s prior knowledge, thereby enabling learners to apply what they have learned to new situations.

In this article, the researchers present eight learning strategies intended to promote generative learning: summarizing, mapping, drawing, imagining, self-testing, self-explaining, teaching, and enacting.

First, they provide an overview of generative learning theory, grounded in Wittrock’s (1974) generative model of comprehension and reflected in more recent frameworks of active learning, such as Mayer’s (2014) select-organise-integrate (SOI) framework.

Next, for each of the eight generative learning strategies, we provide a description, review exemplary research studies, discuss potential boundary conditions, and provide practical recommendations for implementation.

Finally, the researchers discuss the implications of generative learning for the science of learning, and suggest directions for further research.


Eight Ways to Promote Generative Learning (Fiorella & Mayer, 2015)


Fiorella, L. & Mayer, R.E. (2015) Eight Ways to Promote Generative Learning. Educational Psychology Review. doi 10.1007/s10648-015-9348-9. [Accessed: 23 November, 2015].


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