Pride as a Disease…

“Now, as to the sermon – a proud and arrogant man, such as yourself – with an admittedly admirable quality of didacticism about him – was given to doing research in the area of a certain disfiguring and degenerative disease. One day he contracted it himself. Since he had not yet developed a cure for the condition, he did take time out to regard himself in a mirror and say, “But on me it does look good.” You are such a man, Yama, You will not attempt to fight your condition. Rather, you are proud of it. (Zelanzy, 2010, p.119).

The ‘disease’ in this case is the undue power (influence) of one person over another (the result being the influenced person says/commits stupid/malevolent acts).


Zelazny, R. (2010) Lord of Light. London: Gollanz (an imprint of Orion Publishing Group).


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