WWI: Military Recruitment & Colonial Volunteerism

Research Paper Title

Colonial Volunteerism and Recruitment in the British Empire during the Great War.


The 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the Great War seemed a timely occasion on which to call a meeting of leading international scholars to conduct a critical investigation into some lesser-known aspects of the relationship between the conflict and the British Empire.

That the conference, entitled British Empire and the Great War: Colonial Societies/Cultural Responses, took place in Singapore, and was organised by a Northern Irish academic resident there and a Cypriot domiciled in Australia, again, seemed most relevant.


Colonial Volunteerism & Recruitment in the British Empire during the Great War (Varnava & Walsh, 2014)


Varnava, A. & Walsh, M. (2014) Colonial Volunteerism and Recruitment in the British Empire during the Great War. Itinerario. 38, pp.19-26. doi:10.1017/ S0165115314000503


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