New Special Forces-based TV Series Starting 2Nite

Special Forces, SAS, Pen y Fan from CribynFor those of you who found the Channel 4 TV show ‘Special Forces – Ultimate Hell Week’ to be over to quickly, then it’s your lucky day!

Starting tonight on the BBC is the 5-part series ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins.’ It aims to recreate the SAS Selection process (which is really a joint SAS/SBS process).

Two distinct differences between the two shows are:

  1. The participation of women in the Channel 4 show, in contrast to the BBC who only have men. Of course, those of you who watched the Channel 4 version will know that it was a woman who won.
  2. The Channel 4  show had different ex-SF personnel controlling each episode (with the eventual winner getting a special mention by the ex-Australian SAS Regiment gadger). In contrast, the BBC show has ex-British SAS Regiment personnel for the whole process.

2-Pence Worth

Watching the clips for the build-up to the BBC show, it is interesting to see one of the blokes making a meal of falling off a 10ft high scaffold platform!!! (The point being, if thinking of the SAS and their selection process, falling of a scaffold platform into water doesn’t come naturally, whereas running up and down hills/mountains with a heavy pack does – plus, he really does make a meal of it (LOL)).


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