Clausewitz: The Debate Continues on this Polarising Military Figure

Book Review

Carl Philipp Gottfried von Clausewitz (1780–1831) was a Prussian military officer, military theorist, and writer on military affairs. His most famous work is Vom Kriege, known in the English-speaking world as On War.

Absent this book, few today would even know of Clausewitz. Its publication, however, has cemented his place in history, as it remains in print and a topic of debate almost 200 years after his death. Few authors are so fortunate.

Continue reading Michael Creswell’s analysis: Clausewitz, The Debate Continues (Creswell, 2011)


Creswell, M.H. (2011): Clausewitz: The Debate Continues. History: Reviews of New Books. 39(4), pp.104-108


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