Get An Appraisal Right On Paper & You’ll Motivate People In Your Team

BullshitGet an appraisal right on paper and you’ll motivate people in your team, Teresa Ewington offers advice to managers.

An analysis of this article is given by Rachel Suff.

Although the article is geared towards ‘civvy street’, military people (both current and ex) will appreciate the parallels with military appraisals (OJARs and SJARs) that can be drawn from the piece; which can be summed up in the article headings:

  • The right words matter;
  • Get it right in the room;
  • Eye to eye, then pen to paper;
  • It’s not a school report;
  • No surprises;
  • And if the year’s not gone well?
  • Stalemate;
  • Review time’s often a worry;
  • Cutting and pasting is off the menu;
  • Speak the same language;
  • Don’t let processes put managers off; and
  • Closing the loop.

Given the importance that ARs have for military personnel with regards to promotion and their careers in general, reading this article is a must.


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