British Army to Introduce the Position of Sergeant Major of the Army

OR-9, Academy Sergeant MajorFinally, the British Army has decided to introduce the position of Sergeant Major of the Army.

The individual appointed in this role will become the most senior soldier in the British Army and provide the troops’ perspective at the top level, advising General Carter (Chief of the General Staff).

The post holder will also become a member of the executive committee of the Army Board, working with the Secretary of State for Defence, Armed Forces ministers, top civil servants and generals to shape Service policy.

The current Royal Military Academy Sandhurst Regimental Sergeant Major WO1 Glenn Haughton (Grenadier Guards) will be the first to take up the role from this spring.


Soldier (2015) Soldiers Take Seat At Top Table: New Post Will See Troops’ Views Put To Defence Bigwigs. Soldier: Magazine of the British Army. February, 2015, pp.13.


5 thoughts on “British Army to Introduce the Position of Sergeant Major of the Army

  1. Well Andrew I don’t hold out much hope for your piece as you are unaware that a Sergeant – Major is a WO1 !

    1. Incorrect Chris, Sergeant-Major is not a WO1. However, Sergeant-Major used to be a rank for both the Royal Marines and the British Army. In the modern UK military rank system, WO1 is a rank and (Regimental) Sergeant-Major is an appointment for WO1s (Company/Battery/Squadron Sergeant-Major for WO2s). You are confusing rank and appointment. I refer you to The Queen’s Regulations for the Army 1975, Amendment 30, which is the authority for this. QRs are currently being updated and the MOD suggests they will be available online from April 2015.s

    1. Incorrect. The appointment of Conductor RLC is not a Sergeant-Major appointment. The Conductor RLC is 1 of 4 (soon to be 5) of the most senior WO1 appointments available in the British Army. I am currently writing a piece on the history of warranted officers and warrant officers in the British Armed Forces.

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