Alcohol Consumption & Its Association with All-Cause Mortality

A prospective cohort study of 39,577 people (59.6% women) recruited in Melbourne, Australia, during 1990-1994 used self-reported alcohol intake to calculate the association between alcohol consumption and mortality over a lifetime.

Mortality was lower in those who kept within the recommended weekly limits compared with abstainers.

For men, all cause mortality started to climb steeply only after 80 g per day, equivalent to about 70 units per week, whereas for women it started to rise at about half that value.


Jayasekara, H., MacInnis, R.J., Hodge, A.M., Hopper, J.L., Giles, G.G., Room, R. & English, D.R. (2014) Alcohol Consumption for Different Periods in Life, Intake Pattern over Time and All-Cause Mortality. Journal of Public Health. doi:10.1093/pubmed/fdu082.


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