The Zipper King…

“Tadao Yoshida, “the zipper king”, founded the company in 1934, but had to start again after his Tokyo factory was bombed in the second world war. Soon the postwar company had gained a reputation for quality and reliability outside Japan.” (The Economist, 2018, p.71). Reference The Economist. (2018) Zip Fasteners. The Economist. 22 December 2018,… Read More


US Navy Aviator Jackets: Zip Fasteners Take Off!

“Sundback’s improved zip proved hard to market, not least because of the previous, dud design. It was used on utilitarian accessories—money belts, tobacco pouches – but the rag trade proved resistant. The first world war, though, gave the zip its break. In 1918, the US Navy began to put them on its aviator jackets. Then,… Read More