What was the Polish-Ukrainian War (1918-1919)?

Introduction The Polish-Ukrainian War, from November 1918 to July 1919, was a conflict between the Second Polish Republic and Ukrainian forces (both the West Ukrainian People’s Republic and Ukrainian People’s Republic). The conflict had its roots in ethnic, cultural and political differences between the Polish and Ukrainian populations living in the region both as successor… Read More


What was the Second Winter Campaign (1921)?

Introduction The Second Winter Campaign was a failed military campaign by the Ukrainian National Army in October and November 1921 against the Bolsheviks. It was the last campaign of the Ukrainian armed forces in post-World War I attempt to achieve independence of Ukraine. Refer to Soviet-Ukrainian War (1917-1921) and First Winter Campaign (1919-1920). The Plan… Read More

What was the First Winter Campaign (1919-1920)?

Introduction The First Winter Campaign was a campaign between the army of the Ukrainian People’s Republic (UPR) and Bolshevik forces in Ukraine during the Soviet-Ukrainian War (1917-1921). Refer to Second Winter Campaign (1921). It began on 06 December 1919 and lasted until 06 May 1920. The main task of the Winter Campaign was to maintain… Read More