What was the Second Silesian War (1744-1745)?

Introduction The Second Silesian War (German: Zweiter Schlesischer Krieg) was a war between Prussia and Austria that lasted from 1744 to 1745 and confirmed Prussia’s control of the region of Silesia (now in south-western Poland). The war was fought mainly in Silesia, Bohemia, and Upper Saxony and formed one theatre of the wider War of… Read More


What was the War of the Austrian Succession (1740-1748)?

Introduction The 1740 to 1748 War of the Austrian Succession (German: Österreichischer Erbfolgekrieg) was the last Great Power conflict with the Bourbon-Habsburg dynastic conflict at its heart, and marked the rise of Prussia as a major power. Related conflicts include King George’s War, the War of Jenkins’ Ear, the First Carnatic War, as well as… Read More

What was the Treaty of Paris (1763)?

Introduction The Treaty of Paris, also known as the Treaty of 1763, was signed on 10 February 1763 by the kingdoms of Great Britain, France and Spain, with Portugal in agreement, after Great Britain and Prussia’s victory over France and Spain during the Seven Years’ War. The signing of the treaty formally ended the Seven… Read More

What was the Treaty of Hubertusburg (1763)?

Introduction The Treaty of Hubertusburg (German: Frieden von Hubertusburg) was signed on 15 February 1763 at Hubertusburg Castle by Prussia, Austria and Saxony to end the Third Silesian War. Together with the Treaty of Paris, signed five days earlier, it marked the end of the Seven Years’ War. The treaty ended the continental conflict with… Read More

What was the Pomeranian War (1757-1762)?

Introduction The Pomeranian War was a theatre of the Seven Years’ War. The term is used to describe the fighting between Sweden and Prussia between 1757 and 1762 in Swedish Pomerania, Prussian Pomerania, northern Brandenburg and eastern Mecklenburg-Schwerin. The war was characterised by a back-and-forth movement of the Swedish and Prussian armies, neither of whom… Read More

What was the Raid on Rochefort (1757)?

Introduction The Raid on Rochefort (or Descent on Rochefort) was a British amphibious attempt to capture the French Atlantic port of Rochefort in September 1757 during the Seven Years’ War. The raid pioneered a new tactic of “descents” on the French coast, championed by William Pitt who had taken office a few months earlier. After… Read More

What was the Bengal War (1756-1765)?

Introduction Bengal War, Campaign for the Eastern Subah’s, was waged by the Mughal imperial crown Prince Ali Gohar later known as Shah Alam II so as to recapture the Nawab of Bengal from the British East India Company, hostilities began in 1756 and ended in 1765. Background The English East India Company captured the territories… Read More