What is Cassinga Day?

Introduction Cassinga Day is a national public holiday in Namibia remembering the Cassinga Massacre. Background Commemorated annually on 04 May, the date “remembers those (approximately 600) killed in 1978 when the South African Defence Force attacked a [South West Africa People’s Organisation] SWAPO base at Cassinga in southern Angola”. Commemorations are marked yearly by ceremonies… Read More


What was Operation Savannah (Angola) (1975-1976)?

Introduction Operation Savannah was the South African code name for their military incursion into Angola in 1975-1976. In Angola, these actions were known as the 1975-1976 South African Invasion and the Luanda Conquest Campaign. It was part of the South African Border War and arose due to the Angolan War of Independence. The operation also… Read More