Hong Kong High Court Considers Reasonableness of Restrictive Covenant

Introduction Many outdoor fitness, fitness boot camp and military fitness companies utilise restrictive covenants as part of their employment strategy. Although courts typically scrutinise restrictive covenants due to their natural tendency to negatively affect employees, they will uphold them when found to be fair in the circumstances of the particular case, as demonstrated below. Case… Read More


New Sub-section: Restrictive Covenants

A new sub-section ‘Restrictive Covenants’ under the main page heading of ‘Human Resources’ has been added. This particular article will be looking at: What is a Restrictive Covenant; Types of Contracts using Restrictive Covenants; Free and Fair Competition; The Judicial Approach to Restrictive Covenants; Challenging Contractual Restrictions; The Consequences of an Unreasonable Contractual Restriction; Employment… Read More