What is the Army Beta Test?

Introduction The Army Beta 1917 is the non-verbal complement of the Army Alpha – a group-administered test developed by Robert Yerkes and six other committee members to evaluate some 1.5 million military recruits in the United States during World War I. The Army used it to evaluate illiterate, unschooled, and non-English speaking army recruits. It… Read More


What is the Army Alpha Test?

Introduction The Army Alpha is a group-administered test developed by Robert Yerkes and six others in order to evaluate the many US military recruits during World War I. It was first introduced in 1917 due to a demand for a systematic method of evaluating the intellectual and emotional functioning of soldiers. The test measured “verbal… Read More

What is the Army General Classification Test?

Introduction The Army General Classification Test (AGCT) has a long history that runs parallel with research and means for attempting the assessment of intelligence or other abilities. Background World War I and World War II created the need for this type of testing and provided a large body of test subjects. The early emphasis (World… Read More

Psychometric Testing: How Useful Is It?

“There’s some value in it. It can help you compare people in certain limited ways. But it depends more on people’s ability to crack the code than anything else. It helps you identify smart people, which is always useful, but what’s smart about them is that they can pick patterns in a test. The other… Read More