What was the McGovern-Hatfield Amendment (1970)?

Introduction The McGovern-Hatfield Amendment (alternatively, Hatfield-McGovern Amendment) was a proposed amendment to an appropriations bill in 1970 during the Vietnam War that, if passed, would have required the end of United States military operations in the Republic of Vietnam by 31 December 1970 and a complete withdrawal of American forces halfway through the next year.… Read More


What was the Case-Church Amendment (1973)?

Introduction The Case-Church Amendment was legislation attached to a bill funding the US State Department. It was approved by the US Congress in June 1973 that prohibited further US military activity in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia unless the president secured Congressional approval in advance. Refer to Cooper-Church Amendment and McGovern-Hatfield Amendment. Background This ended direct… Read More

What was the Cooper-Church Amendment?

Introduction The Cooper-Church Amendment was introduced in the United States Senate during the Vietnam War. The amendment sought to cut off all funding to American war efforts in Cambodia. Its proposal was the first time that Congress had restricted the deployment of troops during a war against the wishes of the president. Refer to Case-Church… Read More