What was the Liberal Wars (1828-1834)?

Introduction The Liberal Wars (Portuguese: Guerras Liberais), also known as the Portuguese Civil War (Guerra Civil Portuguesa), the War of the Two Brothers (Guerra dos Dois Irmãos) or Miguelite War (Guerra Miguelista), was a war between liberal constitutionalists and conservative absolutists in Portugal over royal succession that lasted from 1828 to 1834. Embroiled parties included… Read More


What is the Battle of Cape St. Vincent (1833)?

Introduction The Battle of Cape St. Vincent was a naval encounter off Cape St. Vincent between a Liberal fleet under the command of British naval officer Charles Napier against a Miguelite fleet under the command of Portuguese naval officer Manuel Marreiros, which was fought on 05 July 1833 during the Liberal Wars (1828-1834) and resulted… Read More