An Overview of the Militarisation of the Police

Introduction The militarisation of police (paramilitarisation of police in some media) is the use of military equipment and tactics by law enforcement officers. This includes the use of armoured personnel carriers (APCs), assault rifles, submachine guns, flashbang grenades, sniper rifles, and SWAT (special weapons and tactics) teams. The militarisation of law enforcement is also associated… Read More


What is the DLA Disposition Services (US)?

Introduction DLA Disposition Services (formerly known as the Defence Reutilisation and Marketing Service) is part of the United States Defence Logistics Agency. Headquartered at the Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Centre in Battle Creek, Michigan, the organisation provides personnel to support the US military in overseas deployments (such as Iraq and Afghanistan), 2 US territories (Guam and Puerto… Read More

What is the Law Enforcement Support Office (US)?

Introduction The Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) is a division of DLA Disposition Services, a subordinate command of the Defence Logistics Agency (DLA) in the United States. LESO is responsible for operating the 1033 Programme or LESO Programme, which transfers excess military equipment to non-military law enforcement agencies. The programme legally requires the Department of… Read More