What is a Corporal of the Field?

Introduction Corporal of the field is a former military rank. Refer to Corporal and Korporal. Background The rank is mentioned in William Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost and Ben Jonson’s The New Inn. The rank was formerly of an officer in one source equivalent to a “captain of horse” or a brigade major or aide-de-camp. A… Read More


What is a Corporal First Class?

Introduction Corporal first class is a military rank in use by many militaries and is usually a non-commissioned officer. Refer to Corporal and Korporal. Singapore Corporal first class (CFC) is the highest enlistee rank in the Singapore Armed Forces, ranking above corporal. This honourable rank is conferred on proficient and competent corporals by recommendation to… Read More

What is a Korporal?

Introduction Korporal is the German and Danish spelling of the English corporal. Korporal is used in a number of armed forces as the lowest rank of the non-commissioned officers group. However, in the German Bundeswehr, it is considered a high enlisted personnel rank. In Switzerland the rank is used in the Fire Department as well.… Read More

What is a Corporal?

Introduction Corporal is a military rank in use in some form by many militaries and by some police forces or other uniformed organisations. The word is derived from the medieval Italian phrase capo corporale (“head of a body”). The rank is usually the lowest ranking non-commissioned officer. In some militaries, the rank of corporal nominally… Read More