What is a Corporal First Class?


Corporal first class is a military rank in use by many militaries and is usually a non-commissioned officer.

Refer to Corporal and Korporal.


Corporal first class (CFC) is the highest enlistee rank in the Singapore Armed Forces, ranking above corporal. This honourable rank is conferred on proficient and competent corporals by recommendation to the formation or division HQ. Since CFCs are groomed to be Strategic Corporals, they are usually given higher appointments or other equivalent responsibilities.

The rank was first introduced in the Singapore Armed Forces on 01 September 1988. At that time, its insignia was indicated by two downward chevrons on the arm, with a horizontal bar above the chevrons. However, the CFC rank was phased out from the NS ranks shortly after the revamp of the NS sergeant ranks in the 1990s. Reintroduced in 2008, the CFC rank insignia was redesigned with an additional arc on top of the rank insignia for a corporal.

Other Armed Forces

  • Primeiro-cabo (Angolan Army, Cape Verdean National Guard, Timor-Leste Army, National Air Force of Angola).
  • Cabo primero (Argentine Army, Chilean Army, Colombian National Army, Ecuadorian Army, Army of Equatorial Guinea, Paraguayan Army, Spanish Army, Venezuelan Army, Bolivarian Navy of Venezuela, Argentine Air Force, Chilean Air Force, Ecuadorian Air Force, Paraguayan Air Force, Venezuelan Air Force, Colombian Naval Infantry, Spanish Marine Infantry).
  • Caporal de premiere classe (Luxembourg Army, Uruguayan Air Force).
  • Korporaal de 1e klasse (Royal Netherlands Army, Suriname Army).
  • Korporal 1. klasse (Norwegian Army).
  • Starszy kapral (Polish Land Forces).
  • Corporal first class (Singapore Army).
  • Cabe de primera (National Army of Uruguay).

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