What is a Marching Regiment?

Introduction A regiment de marche (roughly ‘marching regiment’ in English) is a French temporary (provisional not permanent), regiment created for a specific campaign or other military purpose. Clayton describes a “batallion de marche” as comprising the ‘fit trained personnel’ of all the battalions from a two to three battalion regiment. This creation of a provisional… Read More


What is a Battlegroup (Army)?

Introduction A battlegroup (British/Commonwealth term) or task force (US term) in modern military theory is the basic building block of an army’s fighting force. A battlegroup is formed around an infantry battalion or armoured regiment, which is usually commanded by a lieutenant colonel. The battalion or regiment also provides the command and staff element of… Read More

What is a Kampfgruppe?

Introduction In military history, the German term Kampfgruppe (pl. Kampfgruppen; abbrev. KG, or KGr in Luftwaffe usage during World War II, literally “fighting group” or “battle group”) can refer to a combat formation of any kind, but most usually to that employed by the Wehrmacht of Nazi Germany and its allies during World War II… Read More