Who was Hermann Detzner?

Introduction Hermann Philipp Detzner (16 October 1882 to 01 December 1970) was a German engineer and surveyor, who served as an officer in the German colonial security force (Schutztruppe) in Kamerun (Cameroon) and German New Guinea. He gained fame for evading capture after Australian troops invaded German New Guinea at the start of World War… Read More


Who was Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck?

Introduction Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck (20 March 1870 to 09 March 1964), also called the Lion of Africa (German: Löwe von Afrika), was a general in the Imperial German Army and the commander of its forces in the German East Africa campaign. For four years, with a force of about 14,000 (3,000 Germans and 11,000… Read More