What is the Gunnery Staff Officers Course (Close Support)?

Aim of the Course To develop the technical knowledge and skills of selected officers, in order to prepare them for increased technical and training responsibility either at regimental duty or within Instructor Gunnery appointments. Facilitated by IDT(A). Entry Standards Captain (OF-2) to Major (OF-3). IELTS Level 5.5. Duration 46 weeks, with one (1) course per… Read More


What is a Master Gunner (UK Version)

PART ONE: BACKGROUND 1.0 Introduction “The office of master-gunner was a very ancient one. As soon as there were guns, there was a master-gunner in charge of them, responsible for their upkeep and efficiency, and in command of the gunners who served them.” (Maurice-Jones, 2012, p.138). This article provides an overview of the role of… Read More