Gender & the Australian Army: Preparing for the Future & Military Capability

Report Paper Title Teaming: An Introduction to Gender Studies, Unshackling Human Talent and Optimising Military Capability for the coming Era of Equality: 2020 to 2050. Abstract Gender has been a high-profile issue within the Army over the last five years. In response to Pathways to Change (PtC), Army has introduced significant changes in a short period.… Read More


Exploring Military Leadership from a Subordinate Perspective in the Canadian Armed Forces

Research Paper Title Universal or Gender-Specific? Exploring Military Leadership from a Subordinate Perspective. Abstract Leadership is key to the successful functioning of any organisation, including the military. Contemporary conceptualisations of leadership have focused on the behaviours or traits necessary for leaders to function effectively. However, leadership is a dynamic process involving both a leader and a… Read More

Why are Black Women Joining the US Military at Higher Rates than Men & All Other Racial & Ethnic Groups?

Research Paper Title Desperate Choices: Why Black Women Join the U.S. Military at Higher Rates than Men and All Other Racial and Ethnic Groups. Abstract The enlistment of black women in the U.S. military has been a persistent and growing demographic trend over the past three decades. Black women now constitute nearly one third of all women in… Read More

Congressional Commission on Military Training & Gender-Related Issues from 1999

Report Title Congressional Commission on Military Training and Gender-Related Issues. Final Report Findings and Recommendations. Background The Final Report of the Commission on Military Training and Gender-Related Issues is presented in four volumes as follows: Volume I. “Findings and Recommendations” consists of the commentaries, assessments, findings and recommendations that are responsive to the mandate set forth… Read More

A Study into the Leadership & Gender of the British Army Officer

Research Paper Title The British Army Officer – A Study into Leadership and Gender. Abstract The study addresses the question of whether men and women officers in the British Army lead in different ways. The research methodology adopted was phenomenological. The research methods included Repertory Grid and Critical Incident techniques and were conducted through a semi structured interview… Read More

Summarising the Biomedical Research on Health & Performance of Military Women

Research Paper Title Biomedical Research on Health and Performance of Military Women: Accomplishments of the Defense Women’s Health Research Program (DWHRP). Abstract In 1994, the US Congress provided US$40 million for biomedical research on issues of importance for military women. This supported 104 intramural and 30 extramural studies and launched an era of research to narrow the… Read More

What are the Options for Increasing Gender Integration in the US Air Force Basic Military Training Programme?

Research Paper Title An Assessment of Options for Increasing Gender Integration in Air Force Basic Military Training. Abstract Currently, men and women in U.S. Air Force (USAF) Basic Military Training (BMT) sleep in gender-segregated flights; some training is gender-segregated, and some is gender-integrated. The USAF is currently reevaluating the degree of gender integrated training (GIT) in… Read More