What is Third Party Non-Violent Intervention?

Introduction Third Party Non-violent Intervention (sometimes called TPNI) refers to the practice of intervening from the outside in violent conflicts with the aim of reducing violence and allowing “space” for conflict resolution. Two common forms of intervention are as an intermediary in a negotiating capacity or, physically, by interposing one’s body between two factions. TPNI… Read More


What are Muslim Peacemaker Teams?

Introduction Muslim Peacemaker Teams, organised by Sami Rasouli, are groups of citizens, especially in Iraq, who seek to demonstrate non-violence in practice by doing such things as physically interposing themselves between warring parties, but also by acting as intermediaries and negotiators. Outline They are similar to the group Community/Christian Peacemaker Teams. They installed four water… Read More

What are Community Peacemaker Teams?

Introduction Community Peacemaker Teams or CPT (previously called Christian Peacemaker Teams) is an international organisation set up to support teams of peace workers in conflict areas around the world. The organisation uses these teams to achieve its aims of lower levels of violence, nonviolent direct action, human rights documentation and nonviolence training in direct action.… Read More