The War on Longevity: Men versus Women

In the rich world, men are closing the longevity gap with women Reg Dean, who died on 05 January 2012 at the ripe age of 110, was unusual. Centenarians are rare in themselves, of course, but male centenarians particularly so. In Britain, where Mr Dean lived, five times as many women as men receive the… Read More


How Long Can We Expect To Live?

The Rise of Centenarians (people aged 100+): In 1917 King George V sent 24 celebratory messages to centenarians; 255 messages were sent in 1952; and By 2011 this figure had increased to 9736. Life Expectancy: 13% of girls born in 1951 are expected to become centenarians; For girls born in 2013 the figure is estimated… Read More