What is the Fast Air Support Team (FAST)?

The Fast Air Support Team (FAST), part of the Combat Air Operating Centre, delivers Project team activities in support of: Typhoon aircraft. Tornado aircraft. Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) aircraft. Crew Escape Systems Team. Currently some of FAST’s main responsibilities include providing on-going support to Tornado in Afghanistan and continuing to bring Typhoon into service,… Read More


What is the Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) Team?

The Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) Team, part of the Combat Air Operating Centre, is responsible for UAS acquisition policy and standards, safety and engineering discipline, future research and development, and providing guidance to industry on all matters UAS from within DE&S. Reference Doing Business with Defence Handbook. Edition 24 (2018).

What is the Joint Propulsion Team (JPT)?

The Joint Propulsion Team (JPT), part of the Combat Air Operating Centre, is the focal point for the MOD’s relationship with Rolls-Royce. This small project and commercial team is co-located at Rolls-Royce in Bristol together with elements of Combat Air engine teams. It has commercial responsibility for the Typhoon and Tornado engines and is the MOD… Read More