What was the Battle of Fehrbellin (1675)?

Introduction The Battle of Fehrbellin was fought on 18 June 1675 (Julian calendar date, June 28th, Gregorian), between Swedish and Brandenburg-Prussian troops. The Swedes, under Count Waldemar von Wrangel (stepbrother of Riksamiral Carl Gustaf Wrangel), had invaded and occupied parts of Brandenburg from their possessions in Pomerania, but were repelled by the forces of Frederick… Read More


What was the Battle of Warsaw (1656)?

Introduction The Battle of Warsaw (German: Schlacht von Warschau; Polish: Bitwa pod Warszawą; Swedish: Tredagarsslaget vid Warschau) was a battle which took place near Warsaw on 28-30 July 1656, between the armies of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Sweden and Brandenburg. It was a major battle in the Second Northern War between Poland and Sweden in… Read More