What was the Battle of Koge Bay (1677)?

Introduction The Battle of Køge Bay was a naval battle between Denmark-Norway and Sweden that took place in bay off Køge 01 to 02 July 1677 during the Scanian War (1675 to 1679). The battle was a major success for admiral Niels Juel and is regarded as the greatest naval victory in Danish naval history.… Read More


What was the Battle of Fehrbellin (1675)?

Introduction The Battle of Fehrbellin was fought on 18 June 1675 (Julian calendar date, June 28th, Gregorian), between Swedish and Brandenburg-Prussian troops. The Swedes, under Count Waldemar von Wrangel (stepbrother of Riksamiral Carl Gustaf Wrangel), had invaded and occupied parts of Brandenburg from their possessions in Pomerania, but were repelled by the forces of Frederick… Read More

What was the Battle of Lund (1676)?

Introduction The Battle of Lund, part of the Scanian War (1675 to 1679), was fought on 04 December 1676, in an area north of the city of Lund in Scania in southern Sweden, between the invading Danish army and the army of Charles XI of Sweden. The Danish had an army of about 13,000 under… Read More