What was the Battle of Arras (1940)?

Introduction The Battle of Arras took place on 21 May 1940, during the Battle of France in the Second World War. Following the German invasion of the Low Countries on 10 May, French and British forces advanced into Belgium. The German campaign plan Fall Gelb (Case Yellow) had evolved into a decoy operation in the… Read More


What was the Battle of Montcornet (1940)?

Introduction The Battle of Montcornet, on 17 May 1940 took place during the Battle of France in World War Two. The French 4e Division cuirassée (Colonel Charles de Gaulle), attacked the German-held village of Montcornet with over 200 tanks. The French drove off the Germans but later had to retreat due to lack of support… Read More

What was the Battle of Sedan (1940)?

Introduction The Battle of Sedan or Second Battle of Sedan (12 to 15 May 1940) took place in the Second World War during the Battle of France in 1940. It was part of the German Wehrmacht’s operational plan codenamed Fall Gelb (Case Yellow) for an offensive through the hilly and forested Ardennes, to encircle the… Read More

What was the Battle of Hannut (1940)?

Introduction The Battle of Hannut (not to be confused with the Battle of Gembloux, 1940) was a Second World War battle fought during the Battle of Belgium which took place between 12 and 14 May 1940 at Hannut in Belgium. It was the largest tank battle in the campaign. It was also the largest clash… Read More

What was the British Expeditionary Force?

The British Expeditionary Force (BEF) was the name of the British Army in Western Europe during the Second World War from 02 September 1939 when the BEF GHQ (General Headquarters) was formed until 31 May 1940, when GHQ closed down. Military forces in Britain were under Home Forces command. During the 1930s, the British government… Read More