What was the Battle of Cronium (376 BC)?

Introduction The Battle of Cronium (c. 376 BCE) was part of the Sicilian Wars and took place in Sicily. A Syracusan army, led by Dionysius I, was defeated by a Carthaginian army, led by Himilco Mago, Mago II’s son. The Carthaginians won the day having routed the enemy army. Leptines, Dionysius’ brother, was killed during… Read More


What was the Battle of Chrysas (392 BC)?

Introduction The Battle of Chrysas was a battle fought in 392 BC in the course of the Sicilian Wars (580-265 BC), between the Carthaginian army under Mago and a Greek army under Dionysius I, tyrant of Syracuse, who was aided by Agyris, tyrant of the Sicel city of Agyrium. Mago had been defeated by Dionysius… Read More