What is a Bloodless War?

Introduction A bloodless war is generally a small conflict, crisis, or dispute between rival groups that is resolved without human death or injury, although the threat of violence usually seems very likely at the time – although intentional property damage may still occur. Typically, these events are recorded in history as wars even though the… Read More


What was the Anglo-Russian War (1807-1812)?

Introduction During the Napoleonic Wars, the Anglo-Russian War (02 September 1807 to 18 July 1812) was the phase of hostilities between Great Britain and Russia after the latter signed the Treaty of Tilsit that ended its war with France. Anglo-Russian hostilities were limited primarily to minor naval actions in the Baltic Sea and Barents Sea.… Read More

What was the Anglo-Swedish War (1810-1812)?

Introduction During the Napoleonic Wars until 1810, Sweden and Great Britain were allies in the war against Napoleon. As a result of Sweden’s defeat in the Finnish War and the Pomeranian War, and the following Treaty of Fredrikshamn and Treaty of Paris, Sweden declared war on Great Britain. The bloodless war, however, existed only on… Read More