What were the Cherokee-American Wars (1763-1794)?

Introduction The Cherokee-American wars, also known as the Chickamauga Wars, were a series of raids, campaigns, ambushes, minor skirmishes, and several full-scale frontier battles in the Old Southwest from 1776 to 1794 between the Cherokee and American settlers on the frontier (not to be confused with the Anglo-Cherokee War, 1758-1761). Most of the events took… Read More


What was the Anglo-Cherokee War (1758-1761)?

Introduction The Anglo-Cherokee War (1758 t o1761; in the Cherokee language: the “war with those in the red coats” or “War with the English”), was also known from the Anglo-European perspective as the Cherokee War, the Cherokee Uprising, or the Cherokee Rebellion. The war was a conflict between British forces in North America and Cherokee… Read More