Childhood Obesity has ‘Expanded’

The number of children and adolescents worldwide who are obese has increased tenfold over the past four decades. In 1975, 5 million girls and 6 million boys were obese, but this had risen to 50 million and 74 million, respectively, in 2016 References New Scientist (2017) Childhood Obesity. New Scientist. 14 October 2017, pp.5. NCD… Read More


Family Leadership Affects Dietary & Physical Activity Behaviours

Research Paper Title Family Leadership Styles and Adolescent Dietary and Physical Activity Behaviors: A Cross-sectional Study. Background Transformational leadership is conceptualised as a set of behaviours designed to inspire, energise and motivate others to achieve higher levels of functioning, and is associated with salient health-related outcomes in organisational settings. Given (a) the similarities that exist between leadership… Read More