What is a Final Tour of Duty Request (UK)?


There is a little known regulation that covers ‘Final Tour of Duty’ requests.

Ordinarily, first and final house moves in the military are not paid for at public expense; however, provision does exist for paying both Disturbance Expense (DE) and Removal of Personal Effects (RPE) at public expense for a final move, providing that a request to reside in a particular area has previously been made to the appropriate Career Manager.


If personnel are due to complete their Service and receive an immediate pension and has completed a JPA Form F024 and submitted it to their Career Manager, they may be eligible.

Critically, if Career Managers are unable to meet the needs of the Service person (i.e. by posting them within 50 miles or 90 minutes travel time of the requested area) then they may be entitled to DE and RPE for their final move.

What are the Main Eligibility Criteria?

  • The preferred location must be within the UK, and must be a unit or establishment in which an assignment exists that the claimant could fill if it were vacant.
  • Personnel are serving at a duty station more than 50 miles from a location for which they expressed a first preference.
  • The Service person is accompanied and resides in service family accommodation (SFA) or an alternative Residence at Work (RWA) address.
    • Or, if single, they are a homeowner or householder.
  • JPA Form F024 must be submitted during the Service person’s penultimate assignment.
    • For final postings more than four years in duration, the form must be submitted and approved no later than two years before the end of Service.

Further information on Final Tour of Duty eligibility can be found in JSP 752 – Tri-Service Regulations for Expenses and Allowances, or contact the Unit HR Admin Office for more details.


Given the high cost of removals these days, filling in one little form may well save you a great deal of money in the future, so it is worth a look.


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