A Quick Overview of Posting Preference Proformas (UK)


A Posting Preference Proforma (PPP) is a way for military personnel to identify and submit their preferences for potential jobs in the future.

“The publication of the Job List for all ranks and the reinvigoration of the Posting Preference Proforma (PPP) in a new PDF format provides improved visibility of available posts and the opportunity for numerous preferences to be submitted. Consequently, an improvement in the quality of PPPs has been witnessed, with more realistic aspirations being submitted based on what is available.” (Reed, 2021, p.26).

Also known as an Assignment Preference Proforma (APP) (refer to AGAI 108).


Most people in the military will move jobs every few years (usually 2-4), and each time this happens you will (or should) be made aware of the jobs available and have the opportunity to submit a form detailing which jobs you would prefer to do (known as a PPP or posting preference proforma).

While your wishes will be taken into account, you are not guaranteed to get the job you ask for, and some people may be given jobs during their career that they do not wish to do, whether that is the role they are filling or the location of the job.

This means that you can ask to work in places near to home, but depending on your role, it may not be possible to stay there permanently, and there is no guarantee you will not have to work elsewhere at some point.

PPP Format

Originally, the PPP was held outwith the Joint Personnel Administration (JPA) system as a manual form, and some of the information from the PPP was copied to JPA but this was not mandatory.

The PPP is now also available in digital form (as a PDF), version 9.6 as at 01 February 2021.

  • The online version of O365 cannot be used to complete the PPP it must be opened and completed in the desktop app.
  • You cannot spell check or use word count in the text boxes, you are advised to draft in word and copy to the PPP.
  • Ensure the font before submitting is Arial 10.

Many other forms, e.g. SJARs, have also moved online to the Career Management Portal.

PPP Updates

  • Publication of Job List for all ranks.
  • PPPs now in PDF format.
  • Increased visibility of available posts.
  • Opportunity for numerous preferences to be submitted.
  • A Field Force Representative (FFR) now attends each Assignment Board in direct support of the Career Manager.
    • The FFR also aids military judgement – they help in clarifying any PPPs that do not make sense to the Board or to discuss other options if all preferences have already been taken.
    • As a result, personnel make receive a call from the FFR during an Assignment Board.
  • Take an interest in what the rest of the Army is doing (e.g. what Regiments are deploying and where), as this will shape posting preferences for those seeking opportunities on operations or major exercises.
  • Use of Power BI to graphically display the assignment opportunities that are available.


When completing your PPP there are several things to consider (not an exhaustive list):

  • Is your preference an E1 or E2 role (an E2 post is a military post that may be filled by any soldier or officer from any cap badge)?
  • Rank ranged or rank specific?
  • Can you move your family to wherever your preference is?
  • Is the accommodation and other facilities suitable for your family needs?
  • Role prerequisites? I.e. Commando trained.
  • Time on deployment, exercises, courses or other duties.
  • Is it a non-trade role?
  • And so on.

PPP and Family Dependents who have Additional Needs and/or Disabilities

As noted in AGAI 108, Service personnel with family dependents who have additional needs and/or disabilities, it is a mandatory requirement register the fact by completing the Career Management Notification Proforma (CMNP) and pass to their chain of command for further action. Further information is required for those seeking employment opportunities outwith the UK.

There are consequences for failing to provide information (for specific AGAI pages see below).

Further Reading

  • REME Corps Instruction E5/E6.
  • JSP 757- Tri-Service Guidance for Appraisal Reporting.
  • ALDP Homepage.
  • Defence Connect under the Career Management tabs for Arms and Services.
  • My Career App.
  • Army General and Administrative Instructions (AGAI) Volume 3, Chapter 108 – Career Management and Supportability Checking for Army Service Personnel with Family Dependents who have Additional Needs and/or Disabilities.
    • Refer to Section 108.026, paragraph a (page 108/2-1) and Section 108.033 (page 108/3-1).
  • The Career Management Update, February 2021 (From APC).


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