5 Great Fitness Programmes to Help You Stay in Shape This Winter


As winter sets in, staying cosy and warm inside can become very appealing. However, this is not great for health, so look for motivation to get moving to stave off the additional winter weight. Finding a new fitness programme will work wonders to give you that motivation and get you excited about exercise again. Here we take a look at some excellent programmes to help you stay in shape this winter.

Dance Class

Mood can drop in the long dark days of winter, so why not sign up for a dance class to lift your mood back up? As well as being fun, dancing is an excellent cardio workout, letting you get your heart rate up while laughing at your missteps. And because dancing is a social activity, you will have an additional boost to your mental wellbeing. You can choose a class based on your musical likes or try something completely new to change the pace.

Military Style Bootcamp

You will feel like you have earned your marine patches with the workout that you will get from a military-style Bootcamp. Designed to increase your strength and endurance with high-intensity cardio and strength training. The military drill style of the programme keeps you focused for the duration of the workout, so you get the full benefit. You will come out of winter into spring with a ‘beach-ready’ body as bootcamp is a full-body workout.

Hot Yoga

If something a bit less cardio-intensive is more your style, Hot Yoga is a terrific workout. Yoga is excellent exercise already, but hot yoga adds a level of intensity that means you will see results. The heat and humidity of the yoga studio allows you to stretch deeper and breathe better. And because you are in a hot room, your heart rate goes up without the need for a cardio workout, which means you’ll burn more calories than regular yoga.

Work Out at Home

If getting out of the house is problematic due to the weather, go for a workout at home. With plenty of exercises available on the various video platforms, all you need to get started is a clear patch of floor and half an hour. You can pick up the intensity by adding a few essential equipment items, such as a resistance band and dumbbells. To figure out how to build your exercise programme, take a look at some fitness apps and join an online community.

Rock Climbing

For a less traditional exercise activity this winter, give rock climbing a go. There are many indoor climbing walls so you can get on the ropes no matter the weather or time of day. Do not stop attempting natural rock outdoors, as cool frosty days provide an excellent grip on the rock. As well as being an adrenaline high, rock climbing is fantastic for core strength and flexibility, as well as problem-solving.


Do not let the dark and cold of winter stop you from moving this winter, give something new a try to get your heart rate going.


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