What is the Royal Navy Family and People Support?


The Royal Navy Family and People Support (RN FPS) is a professional dedicated support service offering bespoke information, family engagement and specialist welfare services to service personnel and their families while also providing guidance to the chain of command.


It is a non-direct entry role (meaning you must already be a member of the RN or Royal Marines (RM)).

Regular RN and RM Leading Rate/Corporal (OR-4) to Chief Petty Officer/Colour Sergeant (OR-7) rates and ranks are welcome to apply to transfer.


Examples of training received include:

  • Couples’ work.
  • Direct work with children.
  • Active listening skills to support those with low mood.
  • Risk assess victims of domestic abuse using the DASH model which informs which important steps ought to be taken following an incident.
  • Identify and know when to use other resources, professionals and agencies to support families.
  • Visiting Officer (VO) role: The ‘VO’ support service is provided to the families of service personnel who die in paid service.

“Learning to balance the needs of families and service personnel with the requirements of the chain of command has been a key area for me to grasp. This has involved a need to develop a thorough, but at the same time realistic understanding of which compassionate interventions are appropriate.” (Navy News, 2021, p.26).

See RNTM 07/008/21 for more information on RN FPS recruiting and branch transfer.


Navy News. (2021) Helping RN Families Is So Fulfilling. Navy News. March 2021, pp.26.


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