What is the Defence Attaché Staff Advanced Course?

Aim of the Course

Allowing students to apply evasive defence driving techniques this course will teach students how to react and implement safety procedures whilst applying specialist driving skills in a variety of vehicles on and off road and using the skid pan facilities on site. They will learn to apply advanced driving skills in line with the UK Policy Road Craft Manual.

Facilitated by IDT(A).

Entry Standards

  • Nominated personnel only who will become DAs.
  • Must hold a GB issued photocard driving licence with at least a full category B (car) entitlement or national equivalent.


Five (5) working days, with fifteen (15) courses per year.


Defence School of Transport Leconfield.

Outline of Course

During this intense 5 day course students will carry out emergency drills and apply evasive actions in hostile scenearios in a realistic working environment. The course also covers:

  • Maintenance of an Attaché Vehicle.
  • Carry out vehicle recovery and towing procedures.
  • Complete military transport documentation to meet first line assurance.
  • Undertake and carry out accident and breakdown procedures.
  • Comply with Health & Safety legislation in a military transport environment.
  • Maintenance on a General Service (GS) vehicle.
  • Position and secure a loose load.
  • HAZMAT awareness.
  • Theory and practical training on the skid pan.
  • Training is conducted both day and night time and full Personal Protection.

Equipment is issued and used for the duration of the course.

Qualifications Gained

  • Defence Attaché Driver Competency.
  • Defence General Service Driver (DGSD) Module 1 Competency.

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