What is International Defence Training (Army)?


The British Army is a highly professional organisation with extensive experience in training officers, soldiers, defence civilian staff and international students. It is rightly acknowledged as a leader in the provision of world class military training.


This training expertise, coupled with the British Army’s operational record ensures that training is delivered from a base of experience and not just theory.

International Defence Training (Army (IDT(A)) continues to maintain very close relationships with DE STRAT, International Policy and Plans (IPP), European Bilateral Relations and EU Exit (EBRX) (formerly NEP) and the Army International Branch (AIB) to ensure that the training delivered to international students is in line
with Defence Engagement policy.

This training is a vital enabler in supporting the Defence Engagement principles abroad and developing partner nation’s personnel in the disciplines of defence and security.

Point of Contact

IDT(A) is the primary point of contact for international students attending British Army individual training courses and is responsible for their administration and attendance.

Aim of IDT(A)

IDT(A) aims to continue to provide a substantial and meaningful contribution to Defence Engagement and Army International Activities (AIA) whilst helping to establish long term relationships in the wider international defence community.


IDT(A) is headquartered at the Land Warfare Centre, Wiltshire.


Key personalities at IDT(A) include (correct 01 April 2019):

  • SO1 IDT(A): Lieutenant Colonel (OF-4), Head of the IDT(A).
  • SO2 Operations: A civilian, responsible for the Sandhurst Group and RSME.
  • SO2 Plans: Major (OF-3).
  • SO2 Training: Major.
  • SO3a: A civilian, responsible for Royal School of Artillery (RSA), Armour Centre (ARMCEN), HCSC, CPU, Fire Training, and Project SUBHAN.
  • SO3b: A civilian, responsible for ACSC, School of Infantry, and DCLPA.
  • SO3c: A civilian, responsible for Joint Intelligence Training Group (JITG), 2MI, AACEN, 77 Brigade. Operational Law, DCSU, ChMS, Initial Training Group (ITG), DHET, and DCLC.
  • SO3d: A civilian, responsible for Cranfield University, ODSC, ACSC(R), DEFAC, SSLP, MDWSC, DCTS, BISL, and ICSC.
  • E1a: A civilian, who works to SO2 Ops, SO3a, and SO3b.
  • E1b: A civilian, who works to SO3c and SO3d.

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