No Smoking for RN

The Royal Navy has become smoke-free.

From January 2021, smoking on HM ships and submarines (plus the Institute of Naval Medicine and HMS Sultan) will be barred.

In March 2021, that ban extends to RN training establishments and from 01 June 2021 to all remaining RN and RM bases, air stations, reserve units and the RFA.

The curb on smoking is part of a wider MOD initiative to limit use of tobacco across all defence sites by the end of 2022.

The ban restricts the use of all tobacco products (including combustible and chewing tobacco products), although the use of e-cigarettes/vaping will be permitted in designated areas.

The policy embraces military and civilian personnel – including contractors, visitors, and other non-MOD personnel.

It applies to ships and submarines at sea or alongside – but not to single living accommodation, where designated areas for smoking will still apply.


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