5 Quick Tips for Bulking Up

Bulking up can be difficult, which is why you need to do it properly by following the correct protocols. There is much more to it than simply eating whatever you want, as you need to eat the right foods to gain both muscle and fat, rather than just fat. This also means getting the right foods in your body to support your muscle building regime. Below are 5 quick tips for bulking up.

Use Carbs to Your Advantage

If you are bulking to improve your muscle gain, carbs are your best friends. Whilst you should not be eating carbs by the bucket load, you should be incorporating a moderate amount of carbs into your daily diet, especially post-workout. This is because carbs spike the insulin levels within the blood. This then sends glycogen to the muscles. The more glycogen stored here, the more insulin sensitive you will become, meaning there is less chance of accumulating body fat (i.e. lean mass rather than fat mass). When choosing carbs, try to vary between wholemeal and regular options (see below).

Eat Fibre in Moderation

When looking at increasing carbs, you may think the best way to go is with wholemeal alternatives. This means brown bread, rice, and oatmeal. Whilst it is good to get some wholemeal options in there, too much fibre will leave you feeling fuller for longer. Fibre is best for those looking to lose weight and reduce their calorie intake. For those looking to increase their daily calories (to bulk up), too much fibre can make it difficult to reach that goal.

Be Realistic

Bulking up takes time, and effort, meaning you may not see any results for weeks. You need to be realistic with your goals, otherwise, this will lead to failure or disappointment. For those who are bulking up naturally, a healthy goal to set is around 0.2-0.5 pounds of muscle gain each week (but results vary by individual). Once you know the calories you need to maintain your current weight, you can slowly increase intake until you have reached your daily target. This is a helpful way to ensure you are gaining muscle and minimising any fat gain.

Count Your Calories Properly

When you first calculate your calorie and macro intake, it may seem like a lot, especially if you are not used to calorie counting. Whilst this number may put you off, you will find eating the right foods can easily add calories to your diet, whilst remaining healthy and keeping a balanced diet. Be sure to calculate your macros for bulking correctly, with the help of this guide. You will then need to keep a close eye on your diet; it may make sense to download a calorie counting app, many of which have extra features to count macros.

Consider Using a Supplement

Supplement shakes are one way to help you bulk up and gain mass, especially if you are feeling too full to fit in another meal. This weight gainer supplement is made specifically for adding mass and comes in a range of amazing flavours including chocolate glazed donut and cookies and cream. Using supplement shakes also adds extra calories through mixing with milk. You can also add other things to increase calorie intake (or flavour and variety of taste) such as fruits and vegetables. These shakes should be used alongside regular meals and should not replace more than one meal in a day.

Remember to stay realistic, use carbs to your advantage whilst staying away from too much fibre, count your calories properly, and consider choosing a supplement shake to help you in your bulking journey.


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