Efficient Morale…

“The efficiency of an army depends on many different things, but one is outstanding‐ and that is morale. You can have all the material in the world, but without morale it is largely ineffective. You must have morale, first and foremost, and morale is determined by a great many things. Primarily it depends, of course, on leadership, the possession of equipment and, in the long run, on the people back home.”

General George C. Marshall (1880 to 1959)

George Catlett Marshall, General of the Army and US Army chief of staff during World War II (1939-1945) and later US Secretary of State (1947-1949) and of Defence (1950-1951). The European Recovery Program he proposed in 1947 became known as the Marshall Plan. He received the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1953.


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