Wanna Run Faster? Get a Spring in Your Step!

High-tech footwear is making running more efficient and could eventually help us run more than 50% faster!

David Braun and Amanda Sutrisno (2020) at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee modelled the energy used during running and factors that can affect that, including air resistance, the limited power of a human leg and losses that occur each time a foot hits the ground.

They found that the leg only supplies energy about 20% of the time that the foot is on the ground. To improve on that, they have conceptualised a
spring-powered device that would increase the amount of power a person’s legs generate while running. It would allow the leg to supply energy 96% of that time, according to their analysis.

Braun and Sustrisno state that although “Humans have attempted to surpass their natural running capability using springs for at least a century”, springs do not provie external energy but have been shown to reduce the cost of walking by approximately 7.2% (+/- 2.6%).

The device would store energy created as the leg bends in the air, compressing the spring, and release it when the runner takes a step. The researchers analysed the running style of 100-metre world record holder Usain Bolt, who sprints at a top speed of 12.3 metres per second. The device
would in theory boost Bolt’s top speed to 20.9 metres per second.


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