Leader & Led: Similar Qualities…

“Leadership presupposes two things:– A leader, and men capable of being led. A stag cannot lead an army of lions; a lion cannot persuade an army of stags to follow. What then is required? A lion leading lions. In other words, the qualities of leader and led are very similar. The chief of these qualities are:

  1. Knowledge.
  2. Skill.
  3. Determination.
  4. Endurance.
  5. Courage.
  6. Cunning.
  7. Imagination.
  8. Confidence.

No one is greater than the other, but the first of all is knowledge.”

J.F.C. Fuller (1878 to 1966), Moral, Instruction and Leadership, Journal of the Royal United Services Institution, Vol.LXV, February to November, 1920

Major General John Frederick Charles ‘Boney’ Fuller, CB, CBE, DSO was a senior British Army officer, military historian, and strategist. Notable as an early theorist of modern armoured warfare, including categorising principles of warfare.


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