What is the Bismarck Relay Challenge?

What is the Relay?

The Bismarck (4×4) Relay Challenge is a military endurance event, taking place over a 4-mile, off-road undulating route.

Where & When Does It Take Place?

In October 2019, it took place in the training area of Queen Elizabeth Barracks, North Yorkshire.

Who Can Take Part?

Members of both the Regular Army and Army Reserve can take part.

In 2019, approximately 850 personnel took part in 203 teams.

How Many Per Team?

Each team must comprise of four (4) personnel, which can be a mix of Regular Army and Army Reserve.

What is Carried?

All team members are required to carry 15 kgs (excluding water).

How is the Relay Run?

Each team member will complete/navigate the 4-mile course/route.

Team members will split the gruelling 16-mile course between them.

In October 2019, the slowest time was 04:03:08 and the fastest was 02:22:31.




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