Projection of Personality…

“Leadership is that mixture of example, persuasion and compulsion which makes men do what you want them to do. I would say that it is a projection of personality. It is the most personal thing in the world, because it is just plain you.”

Field Marshal Sir William Slim (1891 to 1970)

William Slim, 1st Viscount Slim of Yarralumla and Bishopston, was a British Field Marshal and Chief of the Imperial General Staff who turned back an attempted Japanese invasion of India and defeated the Japanese armies in Burma (Myanmar) during World War II.

Joining the British Army as a Private at the outbreak of World War I, Slim soon became an officer and campaigned in the Dardanelles, France, and Iraq. In 1920 he received a regular commission and joined the Indian Army, in which he served throughout the interwar period.


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